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Diary of an Expat: Unfiltered

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Who I Am...

I am a woman who embarked on a unique journey spanning over 24 years and across eight diverse countries. Mama to 4 fabulous TCK's (and a cat!), wife to a remarkable and ambitious man, and Founder of Coffee With An Expat, a vibrant community for expat women.

Our lives unfold like travel maps, imprinted with images and experiences that crisscross cultures, reshaping our personal and collective identities. My journey has been an exploration of the world, seeking adventure, establishing homes, raising children, nurturing a marriage, and finding inspiration in the symphonies of foreign languages, the awe-inspiring beauty of geography, and the enchanting stories of its people.


Building a flourishing community is an art and a science. It's about more than just bringing people together; it's about fostering genuine connections, inspiring collaboration, and facilitating growth. Our expert consultants possess the knowledge, experience, and dedication to guide you through every step of this exhilarating journey.

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Diary of an Expat: Unfiltered

This is a personal letter from myself to a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration, cultural exchange, and the unique experiences that come with being an expatriate.

Writing to my community is an opportunity for us to connect more personally and also to support all the amazing expat women that I can reach out to. Connecting with people goes beyond one-way communication. I am here not only to share my own experiences and advice but also to create a space where your stories can be acknowledged and embraced. The beauty of our community lies in the diversity of perspectives, and I find immense joy in learning from others.

So, subscribe and be on the lookout for your personal letter every fortnight! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, find a cozy corner, and let's share this moment together. I'm excited about the conversations, connections, and shared experiences that will unfold through these letters.


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Diary of an Expat: Unfiltered

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