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What is it about conversations over coffee?

So much happens over a cup of coffee; life happens! Stories exchanged, relationships formed, problems solved, ideas developed, tears shed, dreams and smiles shared. We can’t deny that relocating definitely has its challenges and also offers many opportunities. Finding a community that can help you with such transitions is crucial.

Whether you’re a new expat or a seasoned one, we all have stories to share and questions to ask. Join in this women only community and enjoy a cup of coffee (or any beverage to your taste!) with other expats discussing all aspects of expat life.

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Coffee by Candlelight Festive Dinner

14th December 2021 8pm to 10.30pm
Location: Weslodge Saloon, JW Mariott Marquee
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Therapy Through Sculpture

11th November 2021 8.30am to 2.30pm
Location: Melia Desert Palm Hotel
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Navigating the Globe: Our Third Culture Kids

10th March 2021 10am to 12pm
Location: Indigo Living, Al Wasl Rd
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There is something magical about being a part of a community with a shared story, our Expat life. It is very powerful because it gives a sense of shared identity, a feeling of belonging and a strong sense of purpose. We share common stories but each narrative is very different. It is through these commonalities and differences that we connect, learn and grow as a community, we become a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Navine Eldesouki

Founder of Coffee with an Expat


In life, we often go through periods of transitions, questioning, life changes. In expatriation, the challenges of this period are the loneliness of the beginning, how to reinvent oneself, where to find the answers to one's questions, how to meet people who share one's interests... If these words resonate with you, I recommend you join CWAE, a group of inspiring women. We all have something to share. We all have our own stories, our own life experiences, we come from different religions, different cultures. An extremely diverse mix that makes this group particularly rich!

Florence Reisch, Author & Expat Coach

Great listener , always taking an extra mile you make you feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts and ideas .

Sally Eldesouki
Expat Woman

It's amazing how you create a space so unapologetically honest with a bunch of women, the majority of whom have never met each other.

Totally bewitched by the energy chemistry generated at your events & how people gravitate towards each other, sharing commonalities far beyond a coincidence.

I can only put this down to your absolute authenticity in everything you do - something of a rarity.

Jessi Walker

Navine’s community is one of the most natural and sincere places I have ever encountered in Dubai. Her events are knowledgeable, insightful and an honest place where women can get together and be truthful about the tribulations of expat life, without being judged. This group is like a true family away from home. Thank you Navine for adding this magic to our lives! X

Yvie L Balbuena Faucher

This past year I have attended many network events and I must say "coffee with an expat" events holds a very special place in my heart. The host Navine is very welcoming and is the epitome of grace. I have personally felt very welcome at her events and I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing women. There is a real sense of connect at these gatherings. The purpose is very real and genuine. I plan to be there at every single event hosted by Navine. In this short span of time I feel like I have known Navine for a long time and I consider her a lovely friend. Someone I can talk to and relate to no matter what the topic of discussion. To many more coffees with great conversations.

Yvonne Lobo

I have had the pleasure of consulting for Navine and also speaking at one of her fabulous 'Coffee With An Expat' events on 'Expat Entrepreneurship' - Navine is a lovely lady, proffesional and keen to allow her speakers to set the narrative for their talks, while guiding them in the right way - Her talks are always so intimate, comfortable and personable, which is what appealed to me. I love that she has found a niche market and one that is much needed to.

Rhiannon Downie Hurst
Founder of Club Media FZE.

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I have lived the expat life through several different stages of my life over the past 20 years, where I adopted many different roles and consumed way too much coffee! With eight international relocations behind me from Australia, Europe, USA and the Middle East I can confidently tell you that I was challenged to my very core navigating the intricacies of expat life, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It has been a life changing experience involving many aspects from decision making, planning, executing and adapting plus all the emotions and ensuring the wellbeing of family members! I learnt how to overcome these challenges, I developed my own coping strategies with each move to ease the transition and make this expat life rewarding and fulfilling.

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My passion and vision is to support other expat women by first and foremost being the expat friend that understands you, who has been where you have been, who will not judge you and someone you can speak to in confidence. I want to help you overcome the challenges that come with relocation, to help ease your transition and develop a coping strategy based on your individual need and circumstances.



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