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The community for expat women from around the world to connect and make friends!

Whether you're a new expat or a seasoned one, we all have stories to share and questions to ask. Join us and enjoy a cup of coffee (or any beverage to your taste!) with other expats sharing the joys and challenges of expat life.

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One woman. One journey.

24+ years. 8 countries.

A story manifested from infinite global influences…

This is the story of Navine Eldesouki – Founder of Coffee With An Expat, a platform representing her journey, it represents culture and diversity. But most of all it represents you.

Our lives are travel maps of images and experiences, a crisscross of cultures redefining our personal and collective identity. Mine is a journey of traversing the world in search of adventure, establishing homes, raising children, cultivating a marriage and finding inspiration in the music of foreign languages, the beauty of geography and the stories of its people.

There was the red desert sands of Australia, the white sugar beaches, and an ocean as blue as sapphires…

There was the hustle and buzz of Egypt, pyramids shimmering like gold on the edges of Cairo, and emerald palms swaying in the sweet Nile breeze…

There was the idyllic French countryside with towns full of cobbled streets, quaint cafes and storybook chateaus...

There was England full of dappled woodlands and rustic stone houses, the smoker from chimney stacks trailing up in ghostly wisps…

There was Saudi Arabia with its cities full of ancient relics, eternal deserts, kaleidoscopic mosaic tiles and fluid fabrics that would billow in the wind…

There was America and her big city skylines, her gloss and glamour and the colour burst fireworks of the 4th of July…

There was Switzerland and her crystalline snow covered mountains glinting in the moon light and lakes like diamonds under the sun…

And finally United Arab of Emirates with its timeless Arabian flair, rolling desert dunes, modern indulgence and sparkling city lights…

Navine brought all these experiences home, emptied her suitcase full of ideas and started cultivating everything she had seen and learned to create a platform both supportive and empowering, dedicated to all the women she met along her journey, those she is yet to meet and those she won’t.

"Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence."


"The community Navine has created is different to many of the others whose events I've attended. Her events are truly inclusive - the age range of the attendees and nationalities is one of the broadest I've experienced. Also, pricing makes them super accessible. The topics for the events range from family and parental issues, to social media and branding, book clubs, exercise, food, festive events and in-depth round table discussions on topics like "How to Make Friends" as an expat. The CWAE community has such depth, and range, it's rare to find. A true reflection of Navine."

- Ela Barnett

"I was so lucky to discover Coffee with an Expat community after only one month in Dubai! I met amazing people who were struggling the same way: new country, new language, and being so far from family… I felt that I am not alone! Thank you Navine for making me feel  so comfortable since the day 1. And this is why I decided to volunteer with this amazing community, making more people enjoying their expat journey."

- Sara Aitouny

"Being an expat for 23 years, I’ve always searched for a community and a safe haven wherever I went. ‘Coffee with an Expat’ made it so easy and welcoming to be able to find the right community. I found the support I was looking for. It’s amazing to be able to find this mix of people with all the different interests and discussions. I am happy and fortunate to be an expat and part of this community with its diverse welcoming vibes. It is my safe haven and comfort zone and I’m looking forward to more events and memories among this supportive environment."

- Dalia El Naggar

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